Hempseed is a Green-Green food. Green-Green foods are very safe to eat as a regular part of a diet.

Category Quotes

Guideline related quotes related to Nuts and Green-Green throughout Geoff Bond's publications.

All tree nuts are acceptable sources of good protein, as well as products made from them ~Paleo in a Nutshell p.48

Nuts are a natural food for humans to be consuming. All tree nuts are generally fine. ~Paleo in a Nutshell p.72

Nuts should be raw and fresh. ~Paleo in a Nutshell p.72

Nuts classified "Green-Green" have a high omega-3 content. ~Paleo in a Nutshell p.73

For Green and Green-Green categories, All nuts must be fresh, raw, and unsalted. ~Paleo in a Nutshell p.73

Examples of one serving include 1/3 cup nuts; 2 tablespoons almond, cashew, etc. butter (not peanut butter). ~Paleo in a Nutshell p.95

For nuts group, Consume at least seven servings of “Green-Green” foods per week. ~Paleo in a Nutshell p.103

For nuts group, Restrict total nuts servings per session to one. ~Paleo in a Nutshell p.103

For nuts group, Restrict total nuts servings per day to two. ~Paleo in a Nutshell p.103

Nuts are often called "tree-nuts" to distinguish them from the peanut, which grows underground and is a legume. ~Deadly Harvest p.64

Additional Quotes

Specific references to Hempseed throughout Geoff Bond's publications.

Omega-3 EFAs are found in plants and animal matter. In plants, the most common form is alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), found particularly in walnuts, flaxseed, hempseed, and rapeseed (canola oil). In animals, omega-3 oils are particularly found in "oily" fish, such as sardines, salmon, trout, and tuna. ~Deadly Harvest p.104

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