Wild strawberry

Wild strawberry is a Green food. Green foods are safe to eat as a regular part of a diet.

Category Quotes

Guideline related quotes related to Fruits-Low-Fructose-Low-Glycemic and Green throughout Geoff Bond's publications.

Eat at least six pieces (servings) of fruit per day, focusing on “Green” and “Green-Amber” fruits. ~Paleo in a Nutshell p.102

Restrict total fruits consumption per session to three servings. ~Paleo in a Nutshell p.102

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Specific references to Wild strawberry throughout Geoff Bond's publications.

( . . . ) just in the past few centuries, the carrot has gone from purple to bright orange and now it is going back to purple again. In changing the colors, we keep changing the nutrients. The strawberry used to be just a little fruit about the size of a pea. In this continuous hybridization process, what nutrients have changed? In the industrialized production of the modern world, generic foods can change out of recognition, just in a generation. ~Deadly Harvest p.84

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