Mycoprotein (Quorn)

Mycoprotein (Quorn) is a Green food. Green foods are safe to eat as a regular part of a diet.

Category Quotes

Guideline related quotes related to Non-Starchy, Meat-Substitute and Green throughout Geoff Bond's publications.

Eat at least 2 3/4 lbs of mixed salad and vegetables per day, consisting of "Green-Green” and “Green” foods. Of these, at least 3/4 lb should be mixed salad. Also include at least 5 cups of “Green-Green” leafy vegetables or 2 1/2 cups of other vegetables per week. ~Paleo in a Nutshell p.102

Additional Quotes

Specific references to Mycoprotein (Quorn) throughout Geoff Bond's publications.

The manufacturer, Quorn, makes it available either in its raw state as a kind of ground meat look-alike or made up into veggie burgers, frankfurters, and soon. Mycoprotein is by far the best meat substitute when compared to soy protein or wheat gluten protein (seitan). Mycoprotein has a medium protein content, on a par with eggs (about 12 g protein per 100 g). ~Paleo in a Nutshell p.62

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