Lard is a Red food. Red foods should be avoided whenever possible.

Additional Quotes

Specific references to Lard throughout Geoff Bond's publications.

As a rule of thumb, oils that are solid at room temperature are suspect, as they are almost certainly unhealthy saturated fats. Examples are butter, lard (including bacon fat) ... ~Paleo in a Nutshell p.73

It was not until a few thousand years ago that domesticated animals, notably the pig, were bred porky enough to yield a fat that could be separated out. This kind of fat is lard, whereas fat from cows and sheep is known as tallow. Even so, it was only in certain places and certain levels of prosperity that farming peoples had the luxury of free animal fat in cooking. Traditionally, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese cooking is done with water, not fat. ~Deadly Harvest p.68

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